Debt Free in 4 Months? It Sounds Too Good To Be True… But It Isn’t

If you live in America in these modern-day times, you’re probably so busy making money that you don’t have time to take care of the little things. So what do you do?

Like most of us, you spend on luxuries and conveniences to make life a little easier and perhaps a little more fun and enjoyable, too.  Whether you’re having meals delivered 3 nights a week or enjoying your standing Saturday morning pedicure, we’ve all become accustomed to a lifestyle that has us gobbling up products and services, which strictly speaking, are totally unnecessary.

The deeper problem is that most people don’t have the darnedest idea where all their money goes and the inevitable result is over-spending, which leads directly to debt.

Credit card debt in particular is the most evil (second only to student loan debt, in my opinion) because it’s easily accessible but usually carries the highest interest rate of any other loan product.

Day after day I am faced with hordes of clients that are literally buried up to their eye-balls in credit card debt.  Trapped in a vicious cycle of minimum payment/balance increases, over time they exceed tolerable debt-to-income ratios.

It’s usually at this point that I hunker down with my clients to help them figure out a responsible budget and teach them how to keep better track of their expenses.

While this approach works wonderfully going forward, there’s still that nagging little problem of their mountainous debt.  And, over time, it becomes overwhelming.  You don’t know where to begin, you don’t know how to end the cycle, but you need help.

For many clients, we eliminate 100% of their debt in about 120 days.  What is this miracle solution, you ask?  Ten letters stand between you and financial freedom: BANKRUPTCY.

It sounds scary to most, it may even sound too good to be true.  But the reality is qualifying debtors can eliminate 100% of credit card debt quickly and easily.

How does it work?  Well, let me give you the reader’s digest version.  You take a credit counseling course (90 minutes in front of your computer), file a fancy court document called a ‘petition’, show up for one 10-minute meeting with a court-appointed trustee, and voila, you’re debt-free!

Of course, this severely simplifies the process and there is a lot of work that goes in to preparing the petition, but in essence, that’s it.

Who qualifies?  Everyone.  Granted, higher-income debtors or debtors with a lot of valuable property may have to agree to a payment plan (usually based on your disposable income) but if you’re single and earning up to $65,000 you could very easily qualify and be on the fast track to eliminating credit card debt.

What about other debts?  No problem.  Medical bills, old utility accounts, foreclosure or repossession debt, personal/bank loans and many others can all be eliminated just as easily.

If you’re still not convinced, call or text me and I’ll give you a free consultation.  In most cases I can determine eligibility in less than 15 minutes.  I’ve also put together a list of FAQs that you can read through here:


Call: 908-353-6700 Text: 908-266-4843 E-Mail 



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